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Our Mission

Mustard Tree Ministries exists to eradicate homelessness and poverty one life, one community at a time by empowering individuals to create a better life through community in the presence of Christ through sustainable farming and community based programs and services. We are always looking for businesses, organizations, groups and individuals who like us, love building relationships to create change for the  poor in our community and around the world. In the past seven years we have helped over 300 people get off the street and reconnected with God, family, and the community.

Our Story

Mustard Tree Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) faith-based non-profit organization founded in 2003 and governed by a 12-member board of directors. The organization began as an outreach effort involving several people who were concerned about the need to minister to those who live in the poorest parts of Chattanooga as well as those experiencing homelessness. At the beginning, outreach initiatives involved taking meals out into the community and providing socks and blankets to homeless individuals. Over time, this outreach effort evolved into the United Methodist Church appointing Reverend Barry Kidwell to serve at the Forrest Avenue United Methodist Church in Chattanooga, TN.

Forrest Avenue United Methodist Church being demolished. 

The church at Forest Avenue was a dying church in the midst of a poor neighborhood. Because of the location, Forest Avenue became a hangout and camp for those who were homeless in the downtown area. The church became a place where those experiencing homelessness could come and find refuge and direction on a daily basis.  Mustard Tree Ministries became better aware of the needs this community had. From being involved at Forest Avenue, the ministry expanded into providing direction in seeking employment, obtaining help for addictions, reconciling with family, and getting into housing when possible.

Over time, the Forest Avenue Church was closed and sold requiring the ministry to seek a new home base. The need to find a new location to serve was graciously met by Signal Crest UMC, First Baptist Church in downtown Chattanooga, Brainerd UMC, and First Centenary UMC. Presently, the ministry continues to be supported by these as well as other churches and organizations in the Chattanooga area. Various ministries are carried out over the greater Chattanooga area and abroad in Romania and Costa Rica.

Mustard Tree Ministries relies heavily on our volunteers

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