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Dedicated to eradicating homelessness and poverty one life, one community at a time.


We have a host of opportunities for those looking to work toward eradicating homelessness and poverty in our community! We are always looking for volunteers to help with transportation, meal delivery, our Lunch in the Park program and various events and community fundraisers around town. 

Mustard Tree Ministries Inc. has come a long way over the past 20 years. Click here to learn more about the history of our ministry! 

Mustard Tree Ministries relies heavily on volunteers and donations to operate successfully. We appreciate donations of any size! 

Barn photo

At Mustard Tree Farm, we employ organic sustainable farming which allows us to use the productivity of our farms in a manner wholely useful to our community.

tiny home example

Mustard Tree Ministries is involved in developing a community of micro-homes which would provide affordable housing, a farm, community center, and micro industries for employment.


We advocate and support first, second and third generational human rights rentlessly seeking justice and mercy for all of God’s creation here and abroad.

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